Honda CRX SiR v1.0 Download available

Please link this webpage when you share the cars 🙂

Converted by Shin-Chan / Physics by Shin-Chan



Stock, S1, S2 (SSworks) are available now.

I still need to change some minor stuffs, but I think it is good to drive now.

Please give me some feedbacks and will try to improve some later 😉

Physics values from real life values that took pretty much time to make every value have exact same numbers.

Special Thanks to “Tommy Melin” who helped me and also worked on physics together to make this car feel perfect.

** Sounds sources are from Elmachi09 if you are not sure 😉

** Also going to tweak Setup.ini to make people adjust some values what they want to made ;)!

** Anybody can make good skins for this? Please let me know! Will post here.


Have a great day


Physics – Shin-Chan, Tommy Melin

Skin template will be available in S 1 and S2 version


Download v1.0


Honda CR-X SiR Vtec Stock is finally done! / by shin-chan

Big thanks to Tommy Melin again for his very detailed information and he and myself were very proud how it came well!

However, since we are planning to make 3 more different version, please wait little longer to release full version of this car!

And also, I need to work on better shaders for the car 🙂

Please give me some cheers and will upload vid of the stock version soon 😉

Thank you !

Honda CR-X SiR W.I.P v0.3

Please link this webpage when you share the cars 🙂


Still W.I.P that there is no download link available yet.

Posting this post to let people know how much my progress has gone so far 🙂


Feedback from in real life Honda CR-X Si-R owner “Tommy Melin”

Special Thanks to him 🙂


in v0.3

Tweaked exterior shader

Fixed suspension information

Front suspension is no more STRUT but DWB just like in real life suspension.

Engine information from in real life information as well.

To do

– May need to work on suspension more more more….

– Sound need to be fix

– Light tune, Heavy tune and Racing version will be available

– Racing version will be similar as Hot version CR-X but…

not sure I will be able to gather information or not.

– Interior shader may need to be brighter since I received some feedbacks about interior shader.

Thanks to everyone who love this work and who give us passion to finish it.


Physics – Shin-Chan


Download will be available later after I am satisfied with my physics.