Honda CRX SiR v1.0 Download available

Please link this webpage when you share the cars 🙂

Converted by Shin-Chan / Physics by Shin-Chan



Stock, S1, S2 (SSworks) are available now.

I still need to change some minor stuffs, but I think it is good to drive now.

Please give me some feedbacks and will try to improve some later 😉

Physics values from real life values that took pretty much time to make every value have exact same numbers.

Special Thanks to “Tommy Melin” who helped me and also worked on physics together to make this car feel perfect.

** Sounds sources are from Elmachi09 if you are not sure 😉

** Also going to tweak Setup.ini to make people adjust some values what they want to made ;)!

** Anybody can make good skins for this? Please let me know! Will post here.


Have a great day


Physics – Shin-Chan, Tommy Melin

Skin template will be available in S 1 and S2 version


Download v1.0


7 thoughts on “Honda CRX SiR v1.0 Download available

  1. Thank you!
    Very enjoyable to drive and so congrats on the physics!
    The bugs:
    1. there are no hands on the steering wheel. There’s an easy fix for that in the driver3d.ini, though.
    2. The steering wheel on the works version is very glossy so that’s the problem with shaders again.
    Probably FresnelMaxLevel is too? (gloss)
    perhaps ksSpecularEXP is too high? (too dark interior)
    Perhaps increasing ksAmbient will improve things?
    Hope this is helpful.
    Thank you again. Honda is not my dream car to drive in a game so I hope you guys will get back to fixing the shaders in the ferrari and lexus (I love that lexus!)
    What is your next project, btw?


    • I am not sure for the next project yet 🙂 Maybe some other hondas or toyota etc… since I am planning to make Touge cars 😉

      I may need someone to help us to make car looks good like shaders and stuffs!

      I am still struggling ! Maybe some textures that I have is bad!?



  2. Please check your errors .txt log file.
    sounds.ini – backfire – triggergas
    digital_instruments.ini – after SPEED you need a units= entry
    analog_instruments.ini – no entries for turbo indicator

    your power.lut curves are all messed up. S1 & S2 are not more powerful than stock version.
    Unless they’re meant to be turbo charged, in which case there are no turbo entries in engine.ini.

    On track testing. All 3 cars post similar lap times.


    • Hmm That is pretty interesting.
      Cause I put all different engine power.

      And S1 and S2 should have same power since we decided only change suspension and stuffs.

      but yeah, S2 should be powerful than S1 but it gives 238 HP at 9000 RPM which means, similar as stock engine but it gives much more power after breaking the limit. (As Tommy said)

      For me, I had all different time for sure even for smaller tracks. but Will let this issues about Tommy.

      Thank you for your comment.



  3. Guys,

    For all your cars. The ai will be a lot faster if you set, in ai.ini
    street tyres are typically 0.9 to 0.95
    semi slicks are typically 1.2,

    rather than
    SLIP_THRESHOLD=0.080 (this is wrong)


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