Honda CRX SiR S1 is almost done :)


Almost done with S1 version.

Now will work on S2 a.k.a SSworks CRX 🙂

Can’t wait to release it, but want to make sure everything is perfect.

Special Thanks to Tommy Melin again 😉


2 thoughts on “Honda CRX SiR S1 is almost done :)

  1. Good to know. This is not my favorite car but hey, the more the merrier!
    Before you release this car I wanted to draw your attention to shaders of exteriors of your cars: the textures all seem a bit over-saturated / too shiny. The yellow of the Lexus has some green to it, and the white is really blindingly white, while blacks are black-hole black, if you know what I mean. I think if you made them more muted that would look more natural.
    The interiors could also be a little bit brighter / with less contrast / saturation.
    I hope you guys can improve that because I love driving around in your cars.
    Thanks for all your work and for keeping us updated 🙂


    • I got what you mean. I am trying to find good shader value for it, but it is so hard to me since no one has exact recommandation for that … ;( but, yeah, I will try to improve as much as I can, but I may edited exterior and interior after I am done with physics 😉



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