Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition v1.05

Please link this webpage when you share the cars 🙂

Converted by SinZo / Physics by SinZo



Interior Shaders changed

Int glass effect added

Tyre width fix


Lexus LFA nurburgring Edtion – Change susp & brake


Lexus LFA nurburgring Edtion Stage 1 – It is sports mode. New digital gauge

They now have less grip tire


Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition

Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition Stage 1 – It made by only my imagination. More hard suspension & brake

Sounds are made by SinZo


Happy new year 🙂

Hope all of you have great new year.


Physics – SinZo

Skins – ANTILIMIT, Trevita


Download v1.05


6 thoughts on “Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition v1.05

  1. A great update: I see a huge improvement of shaders / luminosity of textures of the interior. Perhaps it still could be a bit brighter? Im not sure. A big thank you and congrats! 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment ! He noticed that many people was complaining about the interior shader. that he decided to change as much as he can, but will try to let him know if he can fix that brighter or not 🙂



  2. There is a Great amount of effort put into this car,The only thing i would recommend is to improve the physics abit more since its abit off compared to the real thing.I tried this car out on Snoopy’s Nurburing and it worked just fine but when i checked a vid of the same thing ( the person took the 1 corner at 80kph at Minimum but when i tried it out on the same corner except in-game the same way he took the corner in the vid i got up till between the 70’s and 75’s tops.All im saying is if u could make the physics match it more accurately that would be great :).Other than that perfect car and love the effort and time u put into this car.Cheers


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