Welcome to Assetto Corsa Mods Korea (a.k.a ACMK) 🙂





Free to share. But, please share the webpage link not direct download link.




Contributors: Shin-chan, Sinzo, jphil



List of mods we made or converted


  • Mercedes SLS Safety Car (v1.1, 2015.06.17)
  • Chevrolet Cruze WTCC (v1.06, 2015.04.25)
  •  Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8
  •  Hyundai Genesis Coupe KSF Racing Spec
  •  Hyundai Genesis Coupe Drift Version
  •  Kia Cee’d
  •  Kia Forte Coupe KSF (v0.53)
  •  Hyundai Tuscani (Tiburon)
  •  Hyundai Tuscani (Tiburon) Super Charger
  •  Chevrolet Spark
  •  Chevrolet Spark Racing Version
  •  Chevrolet Spark LS-Engine Swapped
  •  BMW 2002 Turbo
  •  BMW 2002 Turbo Hillclimb



  •  Ansan Speedway
  •  Korea International Short
  •  Macau


Thank you for coming


35 thoughts on “About

    • I of course prefer quality. Sorry if we could not satisfy you.

      Making these mods are our first time doing it. Even though we spend like a month to do it, it is still really hard to make it perfect.

      Please understand out tiresome time


  1. small test back:
    – Genesis STD: too hard suspension, cockpit shakes too.
    – Tuscani 2.7: too quiet motor.
    – Tuscani 2.7 sup: pshit turbo too high.
    – 360 modena / stradale: ffb too light, low resolution counter, poorly calibrated gear.
    – LFA seat too far back, too sharp engine.
    – Min: seat too far back
    – Mini turbo: seat too far back, flame noise too High.
    – Saleen: seat slightly too far. pshit turbo slightly too High.

    All cars are nice, a preference for hunday and Saleen.
    Maybe better optimize physical.

    good job.


    • Thank you for your comment,

      Yes, we are not satisfied with how the physics feels like now.

      We are aiming to make the car similar to in real life car as much as we can!

      To make something take much time…

      Hope we can make very similar to real one 🙂



  2. How long does it take you to update the maserati quattroporte and lexus lfa for assetto corsa v1.1 ? I absolutely adore these cars and don’t want to miss them for a long time!


  3. 저는 한국 사람입니다.
    현대 2015 hyundai sonata 를 만들어주십시오.
    또 괜찮으시다면 kia k5, kia k3, kia k7을 만드시면 더좋을거같습니다.


    • 관심 감사합니다.
      저희도 만들고는 싶으나 모델링 하는 법을 모릅니다.
      여기 있는 차량도 다른 곳에서 3D 모델을 받아와 그대로 컨버팅 한 것이라서요.
      아쉽지만 만들 수 있는 차량이 매우 제한적이네요.
      좋은 3D 모델 구해주시면 만들어 드릴 수 있어요~
      특히 K3랑 K5는 저도 만들고 싶네요 ㅎㅎ


  4. Hey korean dudes! You guys are doing a pretty awesome job with the cars you released so far! I’m especially liking the Chevy Cruze you released recently! Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Great Job Guys On The Mods. They Are Fantastic Keep The Hard Work Up.

    I Want To Ask:

    Can You Guys Make A 11-17 Ford F-150 SVT RAPTER For (Track.Drift.Street) OR 11-15 Dodge Ram For (Track.Drift.Street) ?


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